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localised/spot - muscle relax cryotherapy

targeting a specific area.

Localised Cryotherapy or spot sessions target specific areas of discomfort or an area of concern for the client. Spot sessions may help reduce inflammation within the targeted area in a short amount of time, sessions last anywhere from 4 to 8 minutes. The session aims to act on the body’s natural response to begin self-healing. 

* Relieves pain

* Stops inflammatory response

* Drains haematomas and oedema due to its vasomotor effect

* Triggers immediate muscular relaxation

We aim to assist in: 


* Reducing inflammation, swelling, pain and muscle tension

* Shortening injury recovery time

* Reducing delayed onset muscle soreness

* Raising pain threshold

* Boosts lymph draining and blood circulation 

* Improves joint mobility 

* Tendonitis, tennis elbow and post dislocation discomfort

* Relieving joint pain associated with neck, upper and lower back


Main Advantages of localised cryotherapy: 

* Effective 

* Immediate results 

* Natural 

* Non invasive 

* Alternative to drug administration 

* Comfortable for the client 


*Results may vary depending on each individual.