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localised/spot - muscle relax cryotherapy

targeting a specific area.

Localised Cryotherapy or spot sessions target specific areas of discomfort or an area of concern for the client. Spot sessions reduce inflammation within the targeted area in a short amount of time, sessions last anywhere from 4 to 8 minutes. The session aims to act on the body’s natural response to begin self-healing. 

* Relieves pain

* Stops inflammatory response

* Drains haematomas and oedema due to its vasomotor effect

* Triggers immediate muscular relaxation

We have two different settings for our localised spot sessions. The two settings are for acute and chronic areas of concern. 


A technique we use for acute injuries sustained within the first 72hours, is a session using a Thermal Shock protocol which is 2 minutes of heat and 2 minutes cold.

For chronic injuries we use our localised device for 6-8minutes on the targeted area of concern.

We aim to assist in: 


* Reducing inflammation, swelling, pain and muscle tension

* Shortening injury recovery time

* Reducing delayed onset muscle soreness

* Raising pain threshold

* Boosts lymph draining and blood circulation 

* Improves joint mobility 

* Tendonitis, tennis elbow and post dislocation discomfort

* Relieving joint pain associated with neck, upper and lower back


Main Advantages of localised cryotherapy: 

* Effective 

* Immediate results 

* Natural 

* Non invasive 

* Alternative to drug administration 

* Comfortable for the client 

* Painless 


*Results may vary depending on each individual.